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Reston's tradition of making art and culture an everyday part of life in the community is taking a bold new step. A group of Reston civic and community organizations and leaders have joined to develop a vision and plan for cultivating a new generation of public artworks throughout the community. As a result, the Public Art Master Plan for Reston was adopted in December 2008.
The group, Initiative for Public Art - Reston (IPAR), expects to stimulate a community-wide discussion about the role that public art can play in urban places and community life, and plans to commission new artworks that are engaging, memorable and recognized for their artistic excellence.

Public art has always been a part of Reston’s tradition, but it is more important for Reston now than ever. As the community matures and evolves, public art can create new anchors for our public spaces, new connections to the landscape that we have so carefully protected, and new bonds within our community. - Joe Ritchey, IPAR Board Chairman and President


WE MAKE RESTON - AN INSIDE OUT PROJECT                               Invitation to all who live or work in Reston to participate. Call opens on July 15, 2015. Click here to register and click here for more information.WeMakeRestonImage#2

Click here to download our public art map. Take a tour of Reston by foot or bicycle and discover outdoor sculptures and public art projects throughout the community.
The Underpass
The underpass, Gonzalo Fonseca, Lake Anne Village Center.

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